Teresa Lambarelli

Pasta Sauces – Salad Dressings & Pastes – Biscotti


Teresa Lambarelli is an award-winning business based in Derbyshire producing her own recipe pasta sauces, Salad Dressings & Pastes and hand-made Biscotti.

“My sauces are based on my father’s recipes, handed down from his mother, (my grandmother), who originated from a small village in Southern Italy — Accadia di Puglia.

I use Italian plum tomatoes from the Puglia region and fresh local ingredients when possible, to ensure my sauces are always fresh and full of flavour as a pasta sauce should be.

My sauces range from the traditional flavours to some more contemporary flavours which I have recently introduced.

No added sugar makes my sauces great for diabetics and no gluten  sauces great for celiacs.”


All my sauces are:

  • No gluten containing ingredients,
  • No added sugar,
  • No dairy,
  • No soya,
  • No additives,
  • No preservatives,
  • No artificial flavours,
  • No artificial colours,
  • Low in saturated fat.


Teresa Lambarelli

7 Chatsworth Road
Derbyshire S40 2AH

Telephone: 01246 555516 or 07727 618741

Visit the Teresa Lambarelli website here

Email: info@teresalambarelli.co.uk