Support Small Business Saturday

small business saturday

Saturday 6th December is the official Small Business Saturday – a day dedicated to all small businesses, a day on which we all can support local business.

Whilst the big super businesses like Tesco, Starbucks, Amazon and Ebay more and more dominate the retail markets, spare a thought for local businesses, shops and restaurants.

Local people working hard in small businesses need your support, because they are competing on a non-level playing field with precious little help from the powers that be.

And they pay their taxes! Something that can’t be said about some of the big companies…

So why not visit your local butchers? Your local gift/craft shops? Local restaurants and clothes shops, opticians and travel agents – the list is endless.

These business need your support before our town is dominated by national chains and multi-national companies – keep your money in the local economy – keep Chesterfield’s unique identity from being swamped by the big boys.

And to all small traders, not so much in the public eye, look to local suppliers wherever possible and help each other.

Remember the old saying, “You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone” – help keep Chesterfield’s culture/character intact and our economy thriving.