Queens Park Leisure Centre Update


In a letter to the Derbyshire Times today, Alan Maris had the following letter published:

Within one year of London 2012 our council have released their vision of an Olympic Legacy for the proposed new sports centre.

That is, no diving boards, reduced squash courts along with a smaller swimming pool and a sports hall not big enough to prevent exclusion.

While at the same time destroying the long term promise of the Annexe to facilitate Athletics.

Once built, access to facilities will be restricted. Chesterfield Borough Council has agreed to allow the needs of Chesterfield College students, whom approximately two thirds come from outside the borough of Chesterfield, to take priority over local residents.

The excessive use of facilities for the next twenty five years goes against the spirit of providing sporting provision for the community. CBC continue to railroad this contentious plan to meet the undisputed deadlines of Chesterfield College.

The latest plans of a new six-court sports hall, despite being warned by experts it would limit the range of programmes available to the public, is proof of meeting their agenda.

To add insult to injury, CBC will be building at least three classrooms for their students within our community sports centre.

Our campaign against the proposals is backed by over four thousand local residents.

It’s a campaign where no single sport or section of society takes priority over another.

Where the promise of Queen’s Park Annexe is preserved to meet its long-term promise way beyond anyone reading this paper today.

It’s a campaign where existing facilities are retained around refurbishing the fabric of the sports centre whilst delivering proven financial efficiencies year on year.

It’s a campaign I’m pleading with anyone who agrees with us to make their voice heard!

Alan Maris

Save Our Leisure Centre Campaign